All Development Kits are available now

2015/04/10 The Development Kits for all one-way RF link products are available now. The Development Kits are a set of the hardware and software tools designed to help the users to easily evaluate the performance and demonstrate the features of our products. These devices are part of the CMOSTEK Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (CMOSTEK) NextGenRFTM family, which include a complete line of transmitters, receivers and transceivers. They are optimized for the low system cost, low power consumption, battery-powered one-way RF link application with their highly integrated and low power design.

CMOSTEK develops evaluation boards for the customers to quick evaluate the CMOSTEK products and demonstrate the main features of the products. The evaluation boards are easy to understand and easy to operate. They can work with modules containing the CMOSTEK products. The module could be provided by CMOSTEK, or designed by the customers.