Pressure Sensor

The CMOSTEK pressure sensor is an ideal solution for high precision measurement with an I²C interface to provide accurate Temperature, Pressure or Altitude data. The device digitizes the Pressure and Temperature signals by an internal high resolution 24-bit ADC. The Altitude value is calculated by a specific patented algorithm according to the pressure and temperature data. Data compensation is integrated internally to save the effort of the external host MCU system. Easy command-based data acquisition interface and programmable interrupt control is available. Pressure output can be resolved with output in fractions of a Pascal, and Altitude can be resolved in 0.01 meter.

  • Enhancement of GPS navigation
  • Indoor navigation (floor detection, elevator detection)
  • Outdoor navigation, leisure and sports applications
  • Weather forecast
  • Health care applications (e.g. spirometry)
  • Vertical velocity indication (e.g. rise/sink speed)
  • Mobile altimeter / barometer systems
  • Variometers
  • Height sensing for medical alarms
  • Personal Electronics Altimetry
  • Gage (e.g. Blood pressure meter)
  • Kitchen Appliance, Personal Care
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys
  • Dataloggers
Target Devices
  • Handsets such as mobile phones, Smartphones, GPS devices
  • Navigation systems
  • Portable health care devices
  • Home weather stations
  • Watches
  • Altimeter / Barometer
  • Variometers
  • Map assist
  • Dive Watch
  • Respirator/Ventilator
  • Disk Drive
  • UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)
  • USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)