CMOSTEK USB Programmer V1

 The USB Programmer is the configuration interface for the user to program the configuration to CMOSTEK RF products with the RFPDK. It connects the module containing RF products via EM-Connector and connects the PC via USB cable. 3 LEDs are available to indicate the working status of the USB programmer. 


  Definition of EM-Connector

 PIN Number  Signal name  PIN Number  Signal name
 1  TE  2  GND
3  SCL2_O  4  VDD_3.3V
 5  CLK  6  RSTB2_O
 7  DATA  8  SAD2
 9  RSTB1_O  10  BURN

Definition of LEDs

Name Descriptions  Color
Will flash when there is data communication (not  burning),
Will be on when buring the CMT2110A-EM
Err  Will be on for 5 seconds when the burning is failed  Red
USB  Will be on when the USB is correctly connected to the PC  Green

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